Before some clients can even begin to purchase or rent a home, they need time to acquire documentation, find employment, receive accommodations for disability, pay off past debts, etc. This proves difficult when unsheltered persons have no guaranteed shelter for safety, rest, or a safe place for their possessions. Near our Shelter are mini-homes that can provide transitional housing. Many of our guests graduate from the community shelter and move on to their own place!

Meet Gail

Gail is one of numerous guests Journey Home has helped escape homelessness and improve their living situation. Before Gail entered one of our mini-homes, he was an unsheltered, elderly man struggling with amnesia. He would seek refuge at bus stops, but this had its own challenges as unsheltered persons are usually not permitted to reside in bus stop shelters for prolonged periods of time. 

After Journey Home learned of his situation, we provided Gail his own mini-home so he could focus on securing the resources necessary to his success and transition to a permanent home where he could live his life most comfortably.

More About the Shelter

Journey Home has rehoused over 40 clients since its beginning! Some stay in our Emergency Shelter for several months to heal, learn and regain their mental, physical and financial health. Kudos to our great case managers, Erica Collins and Melissa Werner, for the thoughtful and caring Case Management that they provide. Other clients never use the Emergency Shelter, but just need help getting into an apartment. Perhaps they have a previous eviction, poor credit, or other issues that keep landlords from renting to them. Some of them rent the mini-homes near the Shelter and start repairing their credit history. Others just need help with red tape or documentation. Journey Home seeks to give our clients whatever they may need to escape homelessness and thrive. Journey Home Shelter is located at 16 SW 265 Rd in Warrensburg, Missouri 64093.

Thanks again to our great House Supervisors and Case Managers that help with Homelessness Prevention!

Helping the Shelter

We have an Adopt-A-Bed program where our community members can donate money to provide a safe bed to someone in need! Our community Shelter houses several of our clients. To help us continue to give unwavering support to unsheltered persons in need, your donations guarantee unsheltered adults and children have somewhere safe, comfortable, and reliable to rest.

If you would like to help Journey Home and the Warrensburg homeless population in another way, please visit our JCRC and The Shop pages for more opportunities and continue reading below to see other donation links!

We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you!