The Shop

The Shop gives donations of furniture, household goods, hygiene products, and more for FREE to people in need. Our Journey Home Shop helps homeless people, people at risk of homelessness, people in the rehousing process, and any of our community members. In 2022, the Shop serviced more than 840 people! The impact of this venture alone is estimated at over $180,000 in donated items, volunteer hours, and warehouse space! The Shop is open from 1-4PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You, our community members, may visit and also receive goods from the Shop for FREE!

The Kendalls, shown here, with Supervisor Raegan Presley at right, have donated all the space at their warehouse and a lot of their time to this venture collecting donated house goods and making them available to those who need them. We thank them endlessly for their generosity and dedication to this venture!

Helping the Shop

The Shop is manned by volunteers and runs on donations from our generous community members! We appreciate the help our community members provide and encourage volunteers and donators to help us support unsheltered people in our community.

Volunteering at the Shop

We need volunteers to help us sort donated items and help people find what they need. We also need volunteers with access to a vehicle who can pick up large donation items from our donators' homes and help us deliver said large donations to those in need, such as picking up a mattress and delivering it to our Shelter. The Shop is open at 1PM-4PM every Tuesday and Thursday, and our volunteers may also receive Shop goods for FREE.

Donating to the Shop

We rely on donations from our community members to stock the Shop. Our most essential donations are twin mattresses to provide beds for our Shelter and transitional home residents, and Sterno cans to provide portable heating during the Winter and cold nights. We accept donations of household goods such as furniture, kitchenware, books and toys, etc. We do not accept food or clothing, but see our JCRC page to see how you can provide meals to homeless people in need!

If you are interested in volunteering or donating items, please fill out our volunteer form here! The Shop is located at 267 SE State Route 13, Warrensburg MO 64093 to get started! If you have any questions, please contact the Shop Director, Bob Kendall at 660-909-2186 or the Shop Supervisor Raegan Presley at 660-441-2306.

If you would like to help Journey Home and the Warrensburg homeless population in another way, please visit our Shelter and JCRC pages for more opportunities and continue reading below to see other donation links!

We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you!